Tent with benefits

With this quick to pitch Cortes Octagon 8, you can soak up a full 360° view of the campsite madness until you’re ready to drop. Also, hinged door. Why haven’t more tents got a hinged door? Genius.

Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent
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Last updated on December 29, 2022 9:17 am

If you’re looking for an outdoor home from home, you might have just found it. Perfect for families or a bunch of friends sharing (4/5 pretty darn comfortably). In fact, you could even popup another tent inside this tent.

It’s over 6 foot 8 inches tall (208 cm) at it’s highest point and what with the panoramic views, if you’re planning to be the party tent or if you’re looking for an option that you can reuse for summer camping holidays, then this is definitely for you.

6 of the 8 sides open, and the other 2 are doors which provides super circulation – anyone who’s sat in a tent  in the middle of a sunny day will understand the importance of this.

But let’s talk about that door.

It’s one of those, ‘why didn’t I think of that’ designs that just makes absolute sense, especially after rain or in the mornings dew. No more accidental leaks into your tent when you’re returning from the early portaloo run.

As it happens, the hinged door design is patented so I guess only Colemans will be offering this feature for a while.

There’s an optional room divider, which has extra pockets and stuff for putting things in. Mosquito net as standard. A vital necessity. As is the ground sheet, which is already sewn onto the inner tent and a small peak over both doors adds a little extra protection from the likely rain.

Whereas most large tents require a boot and therefore a car to get to the field, this one has the added bonus of a wheeled carry case making rolling it around train stations easy.


  • Waterproof to 3000/4000mm (it can hold around a 3/4 meter column of water on its surface before any leaks!)
  • Up and ready dimensions: 396 cm x 396 cm x 208 cm
  • Packed size: 30 x 85 cm
  • Weight: 20.7kg
  • Share with up to 6 close friends (or 4 messy ones)
  • Erect in 15-30 minutes