What’s All This Then?

Simply put, we want you to have an incredible festival.


That’s why For the Field is packed with genuinely useful, often genius – and always awesome – festival gear, for uninterrupted good times! In fact, the only things that make it onto this site are those which we consider to be a little bit extraordinary.

Each and every item has been researched to ensure that they are of top-notch quality and that the inventors / traders / brands / designers are good eggs, providing first class customer service.

And because every day is a festival…


We want to bring the festival-goodness to the pre-festival experience too; the playfulness, the curiosity and the moment of discovery, which is why you’ll find charming new ways to find exactly what you don’t even yet know you’re looking for.

And we hope you’ll join us in bringing the magic of the festival home with you too, fusing your festival-self into everyday; your Indiana Jones, your Dancing Queen, your willingness to stop and pull a stranger from the mud, your loss of pre-judgement and inhibition and your greed to embrace, create and share unworldly opportunities!

We’re brand chomping new so thanks for joining us at the beginning of our journey. Together, we aim to build an uplifting experience along with all the gadgets, outfits, necessities and accessories for a most memorable long, stinky, beautiful weekend – and beyond!



We find things to help make your festival experience even better.

monkey research


We spend a silly amount of time researching the things.

Good stuff


Only the good stuff, by good people, gets featured here.

Party man


So you can easily find amazing gear and have an incredible time!


Heads up!

For the Field is an affiliate website.

This means, if you like something you see here, when you click the ‘BUY NOW’ button, you’ll be taken to another website, like Amazon or Etsy, one that actually sells the thing – and when you buy it, For the Fields gets a small percentage of the money. Not your money. It doesn’t effect the price you pay, and you certainly don’t pay us anything, ever. Our monies come from the seller of the thing you like and buy, so you won’t even notice and you and me are all square.

Sometimes, we share things that we don’t receive an affiliate commission for too; it’s just too good not to share.

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